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What is a User Agent?

Everyone that's browsing the online at once includes a user agent. it is the code that acts because the bridge between you, the user, and therefore the net. It's best to know user agents if we tend to get back and appearance at the evolution of the online, thus we are able to perceive the advantages of user agents.

When the net was a text-based system, right back at the start of its use, users had to sort commands to navigate and send messages. Now, we've browsers to try to to that for North American nation. we tend to merely purpose and click on, and therefore the browser is acting as our "agent," turning our actions into commands.

When your browser (or similar device) hundreds an internet site, it identifies itself as associate degree agent once it retrieves the content you've got requested. at the side of that user agent identification, the browser sends a bunch of data concerning the device and network that it's on. this can be a very set of knowledge for net developers, since it permits them to customise the expertise reckoning on the user agent

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