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About Online Ping Website Tool

Online Ping Website Tool is a great addition to FreeSeoTool. What this tool does is that it quickly indexes new content in search engines. Just enter your site's URL, and click 'Submit'. Sit back and watch this awesome tool do all the work for you in less than 60 seconds!

Sometimes search engines take the time to recognize that you have published new content, or you have made some changes to your site. But now it's not a problem because our Online Ping Website Tool will help to get your website indexed by Google in the fastest way possible.

Here's how you can use this tool:

  • In the first box enter your site's main URL
  • Enter your site's name in the second box
  • In the third box, enter the direct link to your new post or page like (i.e.,
  • Enter your site's RSS feed URL and click the Submit button. Sit back, take a cup of coffee with you and watch this fantastic tool do all the work for you!

The team at FreeSeoTool has developed this Ping Website Tool after proper research so that webmasters don't go through any difficulty. We would encourage our visitors to use our tool as it is fast, easy and quickly pings your site's new posts so that it falls in the eye of Google's crawler soon.

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